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A youtuber shows two models of the iPhone 9 and the iPhone X Plus

A well-known youtuber with almost 6 million followers shows two models of which he claims to be the new iPhone 9 and iPhone X Plus .

The video lasts about ten minutes, are used to show all the details of these models , in addition to making comparisons with current models, specifically with the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus Product (RED).

A youtuber shows two models of the iPhone 9 and the iPhone X Plus
A youtuber shows two models of the iPhone 9 and the iPhone X Plus

The truth is that the models are very similar to the latest information that is coming to light, both because of alleged leaks and because of the data offered by specialized analysts. These two new models would have screens that exceed 6″ .

The EverythingApplePro channel shows the models in detail. As we can see, the design would be similar to the current iPhone X, both in the front and in the back. The iPhone 9 would have a single rear camera, while the Plus model would continue with a double lens, according to the images provided by this channel.

The sizes of these two new iPhones would be very similar to the iPhone 8 Plus, but making the most of the screen, offering an “all screen” phone with notch included. The latter was already offered by Apple itself, stating that Face ID would be the new standard in security for its handsets. We could even see it on future Macs.


We remind you that according to the information that has been published these last months, Apple could present 3 phones with different specifications, being the terminal with LCD screen the one that offers a lower price and with a wider range of colours. Luckily, we are almost a month away from the official presentation by Apple , where this could be the date chosen for the event.


What do you think about these sizes? Do you think we’ll see terminals similar to those presented in this video?

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