A week in Europe with Freedompop on the iPad

It seems that we are finally approaching the longed-for horizon of eliminating roaming. Let’s hope that travelling, at least on our continent, doesn’t mean a moment of stress and isolation when we are forced to disconnect the roaming from the data and wait for the bill of the due month with our hearts in our hands. The arrival of the operator Freedompop in our country announced what could be the effective end of roaming: the operator eliminates it completely in 25 countries (including most of the EU).

Would it be true? How would it really work? The best thing was to try it out in the first person and a recent trip to Europe was really the baptism of fire of this tariff for a servant. My iPad pro and a lot of curiosity were waiting to see the performance of this promising fare in the sand, and the truth is that has not disappointed , although it has some dark areas that should be known in advance.

And my SIM card, when does it arrive?

A week in Europe with Freedompop on the iPad
A week in Europe with Freedompop on the iPad

It is clear that the irruption of this operator in Spain caused enough of a stir as to saturate the operator on his landing on the peninsula and after formalizing the request… silence. Many days went by until the expected SIM finally arrived home; in my case it was almost two endless weeks and the uncertainty about whether that was really serious. We have to remember that there is no phone number to call and that the registration and payment of the line is done by credit card. But it finally arrived.

From that point on everything was very simple : you have to activate the SIM from the control panel and check how the virtual operator connects by default to the Orange network, always in 3G (the 4G connection is about to arrive). The first speed tests were rather disappointing , especially when I had another Orange line next to me with which to make comparisons. But fortunately, the operator announced support for the Movistar network as well which was to be forced into the configuration, and things changed completely.

Goodbye borders

But it was not in Spain where a servant really wanted to do the tests, but abroad. My first destination was Italy and again planned the uncertainty by disabling the iPad’s airplane mode in that country: would it work? Wouldn’t there be extra charges on my card at the end of the month? Before starting the trip I configured two payment functions offered by the operator but that I personally see as essential: the notification of the consumption of the data voucher on the one hand, and the possibility of saving excess data for the following month.

So, the iPad connected without any problem to an Italian operator and I started to surf on 3G connection without any major inconvenience. A frankly strange and pleasant feeling that I soon got used to. In the first hours of use I accessed the control panel to find out what was happening with the line when connecting abroad, and I soon discovered that it was true: for Freedompop there are no borders (within the countries listed, it is understood) and in fact, does not distinguish national or foreign data consumption.


En Apple
And so I travelled around Europe with the iPad permanently connected and making a completely normal consumption identical to that which would take place within our borders. No cheating, no cardboard . The next thing I did when I got home was change the rate to a lower one (from 2GB to 1GB) with which for 4.99 euros per month I have a latent connection and the advantage of being able to extend it at any time and at will depending on the need. I’m staying with Freedompop.


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