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a very thin layer to protect your terminal from scratches

With each new iPhone release, accessory manufacturers are revamping their accessories to make them compatible. In the last few weeks we have been testing the new Peel cases on an iPhone 11 Pro Max, although there are also cases for the other 2019 models.

Super slim and perfectly laced

Peel is a manufacturer that has always been characterized by its unique accessories of great thinness . Just take a look at their Super Thin Wireless Charger, which we analyzed last year. Its cases follow the same pattern.

a very thin layer to protect your terminal from scratches
a very thin layer to protect your terminal from scratches

Extremely fine. Specifically, so only 0.35mm thick . This allows your iPhone to retain its dimensions and weight, compared to other bulkier cases.

In addition to this almost impossible thickness, the Peel cases for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max stand out because of their lace. These cases leave no gaps or slack , they embrace the terminal completely.

This has one drawback, and that is that they are not easy to place and even more difficult to remove . In fact, one of the transparent sleeves we tested has a mark after it has been removed a couple of times.

Finally, it should be noted that these cases do not cover the volume, mute and lock buttons. They are slightly sunk into the sleeve around them, making them a little more difficult to press.

Peel Covers: scratch protection only

The Peel sleeves cover the iPhone completely , even the bottom part that some leave exposed. This can be an interesting reason to get one, but you should keep one thing in mind.

Being so thin, these iPhone cases will not protect you from big falls. They’re like a thin layer of protection designed to prevent scratches.

They are perfect to avoid scratching with daily use without having to give up the design, size and weight of the terminal. They do not have any kind of brand logo and some models allow the bitten apple to be seen.

Peel wanted to keep the essence of the iPhone almost unchanged , while offering protection against “light” annoyances.

In AppleSuper Thin Wireless Charger by Peel: So thin it’s hard to believe it’s an iPhone wireless charger

Peel covers are available in eight different colours . Their price is 26 euros in the brand’s European shop for all this year’s models.

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