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A user sues Apple for the numerous scratches on his Apple Watch

Apple will have to go back to court after being sued by a user from Canada who has felt cheated by his Apple Watch and the numerous scratches it has as a result of the attraction between the device and the Milanese strap, something that at no time warns the company on its website. The courts will have to decide whether Apple’s advertising has been misleading or not.

iPhone in Canada today told the story of Dean Lubaki, a 21-year-old user who bought an Apple Watch in September 2017 . The smart watch he bought was the one built in ceramic and with the Milanese strap.

A user sues Apple for the numerous scratches on his Apple Watch
A user sues Apple for the numerous scratches on his Apple Watch

The problem you have had with your watch is mainly based on the fact that the magnet the Apple Watch has on the back wall attracts the magnetic part of the Milanese strap’s clasp, causing scratches on the device, something that obviously nobody likes. The medium picks it up as follows:

The fact that the back of the Apple watch attracts the Loop and generates an abrasion without action on the part of the consumer is a design flaw. The same applies to abrasions on the display when the strap is removed to attach another one. Again, nowhere in Apple does it say that the loop can damage the watch.

The user tried to make a replacement at an Apple Store under the AppleCare plan, which was denied , so the last chance this guy has is a judge will give him a reason. In his lawsuit he is asking for reimbursement of the price of the Apple Watch as well as compensation for damages for “mental stress, the expenses that were incurred because of this phenomenon, plus the time of my life lost that I will never get back”.

All this would not have happened if Apple had warned on the website that the Apple Watch can be easily scratched by this type of strap, but it is that sometimes we fall into the obvious and do not specify in detail each situation, which is logical.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this lawsuit, has the Apple Watch been grated too?

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