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a tweet appears with the encryption key of the Secure Enclave chip

There have been a number of moves on Twitter suggesting that someone, at least temporarily, may have achieved the encryption key for the Secure Enclave chip , responsible for the encryption of the iPhone and iPad. This key has been published in the Twitter account @s1guza, in plain text, surprising all developers and security experts.

Apple has not been slow to react, using the US DCMA law ( Digital Millennium Copyright Act ) to ask Twitter to remove that tweet through a legal company (it is something that has confirmed to the media Motherboard). It worked, and Twitter deleted the message… until two days after the tweet reappeared.

a tweet appears with the encryption key of the Secure Enclave chip
a tweet appears with the encryption key of the Secure Enclave chip

The reason, according to the same source, is that Apple turned back after using the DCMA and asked not to use it at all, but Twitter had already obeyed by deleting the tweet. The social network, to solve this, has displayed the message again with the key attached. It’s the one you can see embedded right above.

Interestingly, the same DCMA law has also been used to request the removal of several messages from the rjailbreak subreddit , where developers discuss methods to bypass iOS security in order to jailbreak the iPhone. In this case it has not been possible to confirm that these requests have been sent by Apple, but there are many suspicions that point to Cupertino’s offices. And the same thing has happened as in Twitter: the messages have been deleted but then published again, along with a new message that insists on saying that the author of the deletion requests is unknown.

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As users we can’t do anything about it beyond keeping iOS as up-to-date as possible, so let’s use the version we do. If Apple no longer needs that tweet to be deleted, the company may have determined that the message key does not mean any threat, or it has already been neutralized by its developers.

As always, the safety of devices (of any brand) is the cat and mouse game . The good news is that this will cause Cupertino to further improve the operation of that Secure Enclave so that situations like this no longer occur. And this is counting on the published key being correct.

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