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A tip from Indian manufacturers against Apple and its used devices

As we told you some time ago, Apple is planning to sell second-hand iPhone devices in India. Apple is putting all its efforts to expand its market in India, so that they can exponentially increase their number of users in the country. To achieve this goal they will start selling used devices, thus lowering the price of iPhones, as long as they allow it.

But what Apple didn’t count on is the pressure that a new group is exerting, the Mobile Communications and Technology Council of India. This group brings together several manufacturers in the country – Intex, Samsung and Micromax – who are not willing to make things easier for Cupertino.

A tip from Indian manufacturers against Apple and its used devices
A tip from Indian manufacturers against Apple and its used devices

Although Apple does not currently have a major role in the Indian market – less than two percent market share – the company’s intention is none other than to expand its customer base, so as well as selling second-hand iPhone terminals, we must add other actions previously carried out in the country, such as the sales on the iPhone 6s and 5s, in addition to a really cheap monthly fee for Apple Music users in the country.

This measure that Apple wants to carry out, has not sat well at the Council of Communications and Mobile Technology in India, as evidenced by the words of Sudhir Hasija, president of the company India Karbonn Mobiles: “We would move from manufacturing in India to pour in India”

Making it clear that this Apple idea would hurt local manufacturers, losing economic potential and taking a back seat, since only the Apple brand name, would make buyers decide on a second hand device instead of a brand new one.

As we already knew, Apple is planning to enter the Indian market with all its weapons. Although at present it seems that the situation is not entirely clear, the pressure that can be exerted by fans in the face of the refusal to allow the sale of second-hand terminals, as well as pressure from the company itself, will make the landing of iPhone terminals a reality sooner rather than later.

A rather clever move by Apple, this will win them a lot of new users as well as giving out old or no longer marketable devices in Europe or the United States.

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