A tale of two sons. A very good game that you can already enjoy in iOS

Brothers: A tale of two sons (4,99€ App Store)

iOS has its great strength in applications. Apple’s mobile operating system is so healthy in this respect that it’s no wonder that so many quality offerings are coming in. One of the latest is Brothers: a tale of two sons .

A tale of two sons. A very good game that you can already enjoy in iOS
A tale of two sons. A very good game that you can already enjoy in iOS

Brothers is a game that many will remember from other platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation or PC. And it’s true, the release is only a port for iOS but that doesn’t mean it should be taken away from the game. Because it’s one of the best games you can play on your iPhone or iPad.

The story of the game has no mysteries, it tells the adventures that two brothers will have to face to save their sick father. A father whose only way of salvation is for his children to collect the Waters of the Tree of Life.

To achieve this they will have to go through different levels and drop tests to puzzle modes that we must recognize are not at all complicated, you will have to take advantage of the characteristics of each brother but the game itself tells you which of them interact in each situation. This has cost the title some complaints among players but they still thought that Brothers was another type of game.

The control of both brothers is very simple, each one is operated with the virtual stick that appears on the screen

And its control is very accurate, we will only have to use the two virtual sticks that appear on screen and that will serve to manage each of the brothers . It may seem a bit complicated at first but it’s not. Within a couple of minutes you are adapted and ready for what the Brothers propose.

An idea that is not based on finding complex mechanics, impossible levels or anything that makes you destroy your brain thinking about how to overcome it. The aim of Brothers is for us to enjoy the journey, the scenery and its setting , and the lack of dialogue that is not really necessary because the images themselves tell us everything we need.

It may sound pretentious, excessive or unnecessary but Brothers is similar to Journey, a game designed to be enjoyed for what it conveys. And I may not get it for some but personally I find it remarkably high.

If these days you don’t know what to play my advice would be to give Brothers a chance if you didn’t play it when it was released in 2013. It’s an adaptation, it’s true. It’s not the best game ever, nor will it be the best game for those quick games while you wait for the subway. But if you put on a headset and let Brothers play for iOS I’m sure you’ll like it .


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