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A supposed iPad Pro case from 2020 suggests that the shape of its camera will be square


The latest Apple iPad Pro available on the market is the third generation, launched in autumn 2018, so more than a year has passed since the brand renewed it . There was expectation that a new model would be announced in October 2019, but since the company’s event did not take place, the expectations and hopes of many users were moved to 2020.

A supposed iPad Pro case from 2020 suggests that the shape of its camera will be square
A supposed iPad Pro case from 2020 suggests that the shape of its camera will be square

There are rumors that Californians will hold a keynote in late March, at which time it seems that we will finally see the “successor” to the iPhone SE, the “iPhone 9” (according to some sources, this is what Apple would name the device). At that event we could also see the new Apple TV, AirPods and iPod touch, devices that have appeared on the list of a well-known chain of department stores in the United States.

However, there is also a chance that Apple will take advantage of it and introduce the new generation of the iPad Pro , a tablet that stands out for its power. With a design similar to last year’s, one of the main innovations would be the triple back camera (a double camera next to a depth sensor), on the occasion of augmented reality. In fact, a housing designed (supposedly) for it has been filtered.

Supposed housing for the iPad Pro from 2020

One of the most striking changes to the current generation of Apple smartphones is the configuration of the rear camera, now square shaped , accommodating two sensors in the case of the iPhone 11 or three in the case of the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. It seems that the iPad Pro would adopt this design for its “triple” rear camera , according to the images provided by Ben Geskin of the case.

This image of the alleged 2020 iPad Pro case shows the microphone hole and the holes for the power button and USB-C connector

The hole for the camera is in the top corner. You can also see a small hole for the tablet microphone and a space for the USB-C connector and the power button of the device. Apart from the above, the housing does not provide any further information about other possible changes .

At AppleThis is the Apple hardware we expect from the (possible) keynote in March

Not much is known about the specifications of the future iPad Pro either . It is believed that it will integrate the Apple A14X Bionic processor with the Neural Engine, an improved version of the A14 that we would see in the iPhone 12. Or it could also be the A13X Bionic, an update of the one in the iPhone 11.


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