A Soundtrack exclusively for Apple Music


This is one of the most interesting points you have for my Apple Music . In short, it is a service in which behind the scenes we have important musicians like Trent Reznor or Dr. Dre and also important music producers. In the music world there is a lot of “friendship” and “good vibes” between musicians and this fact will be one of the keys to the possible success of the service.

A Soundtrack exclusively for Apple Music
A Soundtrack exclusively for Apple Music

We have seen exclusive presentations from people like Eminem and many more will come. Now it’s Dr. Dre’s turn, who although he is one of the main responsible for the service, during the weekend in Beats 1 has told us that his next album will be presented exclusively in Apple Music.

“Compton: A Soundtrack” is the soundtrack of a film to be released that deals with the history of rap groups like N.W.A. of which important rap figures like Eazy-E, Ice Cube or Dre himself were part. This film is located in the city of Compton in Los Angeles County, where all these rap figures came from.

Dr Dre has presented in Beats 1, with his partner Ice Cube, the soundtrack of this film . The album will be released next Friday 7th on iTunes and Apple Music. The movie will be released in the United States 7 days later.


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