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A so-called 4.7-inch panel appears

A supposed panel from the upcoming 4.7-inch iPhone 6

is filtered

Rumors and leaks about the upcoming Apple iPhone 6 keep coming in and this time we have its front panel as the main protagonist , although this time we don’t only have pictures, as we have the opportunity to see a video in which we also see how difficult it would be to operate the iPhone 6 with one hand compared to the current 5s.

A so-called 4.7-inch panel appears
A so-called 4.7-inch panel appears

In the video we can see what looks like a 4.7-inch black front panel of the so-called iPhone 6. This piece is supposedly almost a definitive version of the final product , although its source has preferred to remain anonymous because Apple does not look kindly on leaks of its upcoming products.

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The finish of the new filtered part seems to be in line with Apple’s design. The panel serial number and bar code have been hidden to protect the identity of the filtered element. But as we see in the picture below, the front panel has rounded edges, which are in line with the rumours heard so far.

One of the highlights of the video is the comparison between the new panel and the current iPhone 5s, suggesting that it could be used with one hand, an idea that has been kept to this day with their smartphones. Although we will have to wait for the moment of its official presentation and first impressions after having it in our hands, if a design like this is finally confirmed.

Features of the so-called iPhone 6 panel

The front camera hole appears on the left side of the headset , compared to the iPhone 5s which has the FaceTime camera in the center over the headset. We can also see that the side bezels are noticeably thinner and as we said before, it has slightly rounded edges , which matches the rumors we’ve seen so far.

As we mentioned a few days ago, some Chinese reports suggest that the date chosen for the presentation of the iPhone 6 could be September 19th , although there are no official data on this for the moment. As we always tell you in these cases, everything is speculation and rumors, so we can’t assure at any time that these leaks have anything to do with Apple’s final product.

What do you think of this so-called 4.7-inch iPhone 6 panel? Do you think it will be possible (and easy) to operate it with just one hand? Tell us your opinion.

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