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a screen that will take up 90% of the front

The technology press has not known the rest, and it has not been a month since Apple introduced its new iPhone 7 when we are already getting a barrage of rumours and leaks about the iPhone 8. This time, the information is coming from Valuewalk and Softpedia.

A screen that covers most of the front

These media have mentioned the Japanese manufacturer Sharp as the supplier of the panels for the future iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Sharp has introduced the Sharp Corner R prototype , which has the special feature that the top of the screen has no edges and is completely curved. The Japanese firm would therefore be supplying the OLED panels that would be mounted on the iPhone 8, which would be a great coup for the Cupertino boys, who would be ahead of all their rivals in the field of innovation.

New concept of iPhone 8 filtering

a screen that will take up 90% of the front
a screen that will take up 90% of the front

In addition to this, there is a further filtering, a new concept design that points to an iPhone 8 without Touch ID on screen or without a front camera for FaceTime. This design, by VenyaGeskin, will probably be far from the final look of the iPhone 8, but it surely gives us an idea of what Apple has planned for its next star device.

Do you think these renders are close to the final design of the iPhone 8? How do you think it should look?

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