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A report affirms the arrival of a new iPhone SE in early 2018

It’s clear that right now we’re in the iPhone X boom in terms of popularity, but there has also been talk lately of other Apple products that have also been making a lot of headlines. Very recently we saw a render of a concept of the iPhone SE 2, the second edition of the SE terminal with a very similar finish to the one we would see on an iPhone X and this one would be out next year, but this one was not official, but a simple design of a follower of the apple. Now a report has confirmed that a new iPhone SE will be released early next year.

If we look back at the history of Apple’s smartphone design, it’s clear that it hasn’t changed much and we can also say that they have taken a very conservative line trying to change the minimum of the aesthetic section, but all this has ended up with the iPhone X, although if we were talking about two of the most characteristic terminals in terms of design we would have to talk about the iPhone SE and about the iPhone 4S.

A report affirms the arrival of a new iPhone SE in early 2018
A report affirms the arrival of a new iPhone SE in early 2018

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We already know that the original iPhone SE came out last year around March to offer a somewhat cheaper version of a company smartphone to its audience and clearly this was somewhat limited in terms of hardware, although this has never been a big problem for Apple devices. It seems that the next iPhone SE, which in theory will be released at the beginning of the year according to this report, will have a chip superior to the A10 of the iPhone 7 so technically it will have plenty of power.

At the moment this is all that is known about the possible future iPhone SE, unlike the video of the render we saw recently, this one is not clear that it has the similar design as the iPhone X and we also don’t know if this iPhone SE will be included among the 3 iPhones that Apple plans to launch in 2018.

Source : 9to5Mac

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