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A render of the hypothetical iPad mini 5 to be introduced by Apple in 2019

We start 2019 and with it the rumors of new products that Apple will launch throughout this new year. Many are the rumors that before Christmas Apple will present a new iPad 2019 or a fifth generation mini iPad , an iPad model that has not been updated for several months. Today on Twitter some images have appeared that show the interior of an iPad that had not been seen until now.

The images published on the social network do not state where they come from or if they belong to the long-awaited iPad mini 5, although there is a slight suggestion that they may belong to this model. At first glance it looks like a simple prototype taken from the imagination of some designer but it may differ from Apple’s final idea.

A render of the hypothetical iPad mini 5 to be introduced by Apple in 2019A render of the hypothetical iPad mini 5 to be introduced by Apple in 2019

If we stop to analyze these images we can appreciate a important physical difference in the LTE antenna with the iPad mini 4 that has an important antenna made of plastic on the top of the iPad. Apple has chosen in its latest models to make a much more minimalist antenna design with a thin line of plastic that is more concealed.

In addition to this new antenna design that could become a reality as we have seen in more recent iPad models, Apple would opt for to incorporate the colour gold in this range of tablets, adding to the grey and silver. This idea also makes a lot of sense now that Apple has chosen to incorporate this interesting colour into its latest products.

In these images, in addition to the new antenna design or the new gold color, you can see the idea that Apple will continue to incorporate the 3.5 mm jack for connecting lifetime headphones or the volume control that is also on the top and not on the side. In addition, the USB-C connector will still not appear on this computer and the camera flash will disappear. But in itself, the design is very similar to what we had, being able to say that it is an iPad mini 4s with a processor upgrade and little more, to keep its price of $399.

Apple could be preparing the launch of a small and economical iPad in order to continue to make good progress in this sector. Maybe in March or April are the most suitable dates for its presentation and release, as there are many users who obviously are not interested in an iPad Pro and pay what it costs basically because they do not take advantage of all its features.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of these images of the supposed iPad mini 5, do you think they are real or just rumours?