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A Popcorn Time “fork” will risk landing on iOS, but skip the App Store with a new method

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After a long time without knowing anything new about this initiative, one of the forks of Popcorn Time (the one hosted by has confirmed that it will launch its version for iOS today. They already have one in testing that can be installed by adding a repository to Cydia, but what has to come this afternoon has an ace in the hole: it will be possible to install it without jailbreak .

A Popcorn Time “fork” will risk landing on iOS, but skip the App Store with a new method
A Popcorn Time “fork” will risk landing on iOS, but skip the App Store with a new method

Ironically, at first this installation will only work with a Windows computer . But the process will be simple: we connect the iPhone or iPad to the PC, activate airplane mode, follow the instructions of an installer and that’s it. In a few weeks we will be able to do the same process from a Mac, as confirmed by the developers themselves to TorrentFreak.

Popcorn Time itself is already a challenge because it allows the streaming of movies directly from its .torrent links on P2P networks. But what perhaps bothers Apple more is that developers have found a way to install applications outside the App Store, without the need to apply any jailbreak . And that can be quickly exploited by other developers . Now it is the turn of the iOS developers, who will have to find a way to achieve this method and lock it in the next versions of the system.

One thing to be clear about, whether you can install on iOS without jailbreak or not, is checking the source of applications . The original Popcorn Time project was cancelled, and since then many clones have appeared from other developers who have been encouraged by it.

Hidden adware has been detected in some projects of this type

The problem is that some of these clones may carry malicious software, as some users have already detected. This Reddit thread, without going any further, warns that it has detected adware in the fork of, which is precisely the version that has prepared this new version of iOS.

So, while experimenting with new alternatives is never wrong, be careful what you install and make sure no malware is detected. This type of application, which offers the gold and the moro to closed ecosystems like Apple’s, is the perfect hook.

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