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A patent indicates that Apple Watch could be thinner

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Juan Francisco Bermejo

A patent indicates that Apple Watch could be thinnerA patent indicates that Apple Watch could be thinner

Posted on December 22nd, 2016 – 10:41

A patent published today by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office , seems to indicate that Apple is looking for a way to reduce the thickness of the Apple Watch in its next generations . The current models of the apple brand smartwatch are not very thick compared to the competition or to traditional watches. Even so, the products presented by Apple in recent years have shown that size does matter to them.

The strap of the new Apple Watch would be the protagonist

As usual, the language used in the document registering the patent is very generic. Reference is made to the “portable electronic device” and the word smartwatch is not quoted literally, but by referring in several places to the strap of the device, it seems to confirm that it refers to its wareable.

The idea is to move the haptic motor from the watch case, where it is in the current models, to the strap of the device. The method describes how to c lock one or more of these motors into the fixture that would attach the case to the strap . In this way, the pulses used for notifications would reach our wrist through the strap.

Via Apple Insider

Higher prices for Apple Watch straps

By transferring this technology from the watch itself to the watch strap, we would probably see how these would raise its price considerably . At present, many users of this device resort to third party straps, as it allows them to have several models at lower prices than those offered directly by Apple. If this technology were to be definitively confirmed, the production of such belts would be much more restricted to specialised manufacturers , and obviously at higher prices.

And you, what do you think, do you think that a thinner Apple Watch would compensate for the rise in prices of accessories?

Via AppleInsider

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