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A new rumor points to a “Deep Blue” iPhone replacing the “Space Gray”

Mac Otakara

Today, they show us what could be a new iPhone in which neither the shape nor the components change, but rather its colour .

A new rumor points to a “Deep Blue” iPhone replacing the “Space Gray”
A new rumor points to a “Deep Blue” iPhone replacing the “Space Gray”

According to a report in the magazine, Apple is considering replacing the Space Gray iPhone with a Deep Blue iPhone . This would be a navy blue or midnight blue, similar to the existing strap of the same color for the Apple Watch.

With this change, space grey, already a mythical colour in Apple’s product range, would be dropped

If this change takes place, the space grey, a colour introduced by Apple in 2013 together with 5s, would be left out. While it is true that the iPhone 5 had a grey as well, it was not considered space grey as it came in a much darker shade. Today, we see space grey in other Apple products such as the iPad Air, the iPad Pro and the 12-inch MacBook.

Introducing dark blue would certainly not be out of place. In 2008 the color white came along with the iPhone 3G, in 2013 along with the iPhone 5s came the orochampagne colored iPhone and in 2015 we saw the debut of pink gold in the iPhone 6s. So it wouldn’t be surprising if a dark blue was added to the premium colours of Apple’s product range.

Leaving aside the colors, this report received by Mac Otakara also says that the next iPhone will come with an LCD screen like the current models . This would mean that OLED glass is reserved for 2017, as has been predicted in the past. All this and more will be known in early September, when the next generation iPhone will be introduced.


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