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A new iPhones starter seasoned with new iPod: Rumorsfera


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A new iPhones starter seasoned with new iPod: Rumorsfera
A new iPhones starter seasoned with new iPod: Rumorsfera


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With the heat wave we are experiencing in Spain and much of Europe, those of us who don’t have air conditioning in our homes are sweating like crazy. So there’s nothing like putting a fan next to you to put up with the high temperatures and go over the rumors that have been appearing during this week in our Sunday Rumorsfera . Let’s go there.

  • After giving the first data, 9to5Mac continues with its flood of leaks about the next iPhone: photos of its chips indicate a minimum of the already classic 16 GB of storage, an improved NFC receiver and some design optimizations so that everything occupies the least possible space.
  • On the other hand, an additional 9to5Mac filtering tells us that we will have faster LTE download speeds on iOS devices coming this fall.
  • Would it be possible after the excellent figures of iPhone 6? A study indicates that the sales of the next iPhone would be even higher.
  • PhoneArena also claims that the camera of the iPhone “6S” will have 12 megapixels and will record video at 4K. A jump that can be the springboard for more changes in Apple.
  • A few days ago we saw new colors being filtered out for the iPod, and more recently MacRumors has seen the full range of those new colors and a date on the calendar suggesting a discreet launch on July 14th.
  • A patent reflected in AppleInsider indicates that Apple wants to take even more advantage of the Apple logo on the back of all iPhones, providing it with fingerprint readers or even the place where you connect the charger.
  • And we end up with someone who has not had the patience to wait for the rumor of a pink gold iPhone to be confirmed and has made his own. If you want to see the result, you have it in AppleInsider.

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