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A new iPhone 8 Render is released with a color change and Touch ID on the back

The website is filled with possible images, videos and other information about the iPhone 8 , publications with different models of the possible iPhone continue to flood the network while speculation continues to roll.

Possible rumor of iPhone 8 through Weibo in China

In this case I bring you two new sets of images that intend to show the next design of the so called and rumored iPhone 8 (iPhone Edition, iPhone X, etc). The only thing we are clear about is that this iPhone will be presented next September (although its sale could be delayed until the end of the year), according to information from Chinese social networks. As seen in the pictures, both devices show a phone with a wide screen and the vertical dual camera design as seen in different leaks of this device before.

A new iPhone 8 Render is released with a color change and Touch ID on the back
A new iPhone 8 Render is released with a color change and Touch ID on the back

Possible iPhone 8 in Weibo filtering

The novelty of these new schemes is to see the iPhone with different colors. However, the colors are not the only novelty of this allegedly filtered design, the image above shows a possible iPhone 8 above whose fingerprint sensor (Touch ID) would be located on the back of the device, just below the logo of the bitten apple.

While it is true that there are several leaks where the iPhone 8 could carry this sensor in the back, many other leaks point to the fact that this new iPhone will be able to incorporate this sensor inside the main screen . Predictions so far have not decided whether Apple will be able to produce the new iPhones with the Touch ID integrated into the main screen or not.

The (almost) unpleasant solution of the rear Touch ID

This step of putting the fingerprint sensor on the back would mean following the same “solution” as the Android phones that decide to move the front sensor to the back. A gesture that many users do not share.

Possible model of the future iPhone in Weibo

These new images appear on the Chinese social network Weibo today, and could be accurate representations (or not) of how the iPhone 8 might look in its presentation. Other details to consider include the lack of glass in the back , something that almost all analysts had predicted before. These images seem to show the same matte black and jet black finish as the iPhone 7 models.

The front screen also doesn’t seem to offer the screen settings up to the edges that are expected to appear on iPhone 8 later this year. In April, the possible filtered schemes looked quite similar to these new iPhone 8 models, a similar appearance that will again disappoint all those people who expect a Touch ID built into the screen.

Another model of the iPhone Edition through the Internet

These images are shared the same as another website has shared another possible scheme of the future iPhone. Through they show us what could be the new models of iPhone in its tenth edition in different colors. Black, silver, white and gold as possible colors in the future iPhone . It is striking that the popular pink gold finish does not appear. For all this, it is best to keep waiting for news and pray that Apple can integrate the Touch ID in another part of the device.

Fernando Del Moral has made a video on our YouTube channel of these rumors that you should not miss.

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