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a new download manager for iOS that incorporates many of the desired options

One of the things I miss most in iOS is a good download manager . Not having it integrated in Safari is one of the big weaknesses of the Apple browser and other options like iCab Mobile (in the browser) or GoodReader (for other uses) are very good, but I’m still looking for something that helps me more, for example, in the management of direct downloads of videos, comics, music, etc…

Meteoric Download Manager is a great option that has just debuted on the Appstore with versions for iPhone and iPad. First, it surprises us with its speed in managing all our downloads and, little by little, it’s falling in love with the ease of use and the amount of differentiated options.

Meteoric: when focusing on only one thing gives you value

a new download manager for iOS that incorporates many of the desired options
a new download manager for iOS that incorporates many of the desired options

Meteoric Download Manager gets along well with most of the direct download pages we usually use (something that does not happen with other options) and, besides, as it is thought exclusively as a file download manager, it is not weighted by options that blur its use. It is not a multipurpose browser, and although it can be used daily for our internet activity, when it really shines is when it does what it was designed to do: download and manage our files.

When the developer promises that Meteoric can detect and give the ability to download almost any media file that can be played on iOS, he is not lying. To give an example, if we go to a streaming page like Bandcamp, from iOS we are not allowed to download the corresponding songs (which we can do in a browser) and Apple’s restrictions on this are adduced. With Meteoric you just have to click on play the song and it will immediately detect it as a downloadable file and add it, if we want, to our download queue.

Watch out for your plug-in management, which can allow you to grow a lot:

A file manager that does deserve that name

Managing files becomes extremely easy with Meteoric . They are easily renamed, and distributed in the folders you want. Even before downloading we can create the directory where we want to save the corresponding files. In addition, it is powerful in its functions of compressing and decompressing files, both rar and zip.

In one of the areas where iOS download managers are most likely to fail me, the download in the background , Meteoric Dowload Manager is extremely competent. Neither on the iPhone 4 nor, especially, on the iPad 1 where I have tested the application, I have been cut off from any of the downloads, whether small or large files (series chapters, for example).

It also incorporates a good audio player, with easy creation of playlists from compressed files . We are aware that Apple will not allow to integrate this kind of applications with the iOS iPod one, but for those of you who are used to search music from iPadiPhone and listen to it immediately, Meteoric makes everything very easy.

Meteoric and its integration with the cloud


Without knowing how these applications will approach the integration with iCloud, Meteoric has a good score in this aspect. For the moment, it allows us to connect to our Dropbox account permanently so that we can upload the file we want at any time. In its internet browser aspect, it incorporates a connection to Firefox Sync, so if you use the Mozilla browser on your usual computer, you can access your open tabs, your history and your bookmarks at any time.

Finally, Meteoric allows to create a web server with a simple button movement to access all the files we have in the application from any device.

Many times we have received promises about it, but, as a download manager, Meteoric is an excellent application that is worth the 1.59 ? and 2.39 ? of its iPhone and iPad versions. Very recommendable if you are used to use your devices to download, specially, now that the cloud wants to free us from all.

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