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a new 14.1-inch model could arrive this year

Ming-Chi Kuo is back on track. Despite the logistical problems that the coronavirus is causing, the analyst has released a list of new developments that he predicts we will see before the end of this year. There are six devices, which would include new generation miniLED screens.

The main innovation would be a 14.1-inch MacBook Pro , which would replace the current 13-inch models in the same way that the 16-inch model has replaced the 15-inch. The laptop would retain its size, but the frames would be reduced to accommodate the larger screen. And of course, the keyboard would be upgraded to the Magic Keyboard keys.

a new 14.1-inch model could arrive this year
a new 14.1-inch model could arrive this year

Then we would have a major renovation of the iPad range : the 10.2 inch models, the 7.9 inch mini and the 12.9 inch iPad Pro would also adopt this mini-LED technology. Interestingly, neither the iPad Air nor the 11-inch iPad Pro are mentioned. We’d also have an upgrade of the iMac Pro by Q4, leaving this professional desktop uncooled for three years.

At AppleThe iPad Pro will have Innolux Mini-LED panels and will be launched at the end of the year, according to a rumor

All this would be launched throughout the year , spread over several dates. Kuo doesn’t mention what these dates might be, but other sources have already said that we could see an Apple event (or a release just like that to avoid coronavirus infection) in a matter of weeks. These will be days of heightened attention to new rumors.

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