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A model shows us an interesting concept of the iPhone 8

Just today, we were posting on Apple 5×1 that the iPhone 8 could be delayed due to the location of the Touch ID.

Now we find a rather curious model that shows a concept of how this expected 10th anniversary iPhone could look like. The photos of the model in question have been published by OnLeaks, but we must make clear that it is a fake, that it is not a real model, as Benjamin Geskin confirmed through a tweet.

Stunning front of iPhone 8

A model shows us an interesting concept of the iPhone 8
A model shows us an interesting concept of the iPhone 8

In the front of this model we find a concept that summarizes very well those rumors that have been emerging. Although we emphasize that it is false, would be very close to what we could see in the iPhone 8 that Apple would present this year to commemorate the 10 years since the launch of the original iPhone in 2007.

Front of the (fake) model published by OnLeaks

It should be noted that the front would have hardly any frames . Something that users would celebrate and is that in the iPhone 7 already asked for a reduction of these and it seems that in this new generation not only would decrease but virtually disappear to leave a front where the screen occupies more than 90%.

Although it is not very well appreciated in the model, we can notice that the double front camera would be integrated in this model. Also those proximity sensors seem to have their space at the top. These sensors would be used for an unlocking method that Apple would add, consisting of facial or iris unlocking.

The Home button would be left out . Something we all take for granted, at least physically, since Apple could implement it on the screen itself.

There is little else to note in this picture, except that we would still have the volume control buttons on the left next to the switch that allows us to mute the device.

Back with new materials

The back of this model doesn’t show us anything new either, but it would give us clues to confirm some details that have been rumoured and that this iPhone 8 could carry when it is officially presented.

Back of the (fake) model published by OnLeaks

The double camera , already seen on the iPhone 7 Plus, would now be vertical and with the LED flash between the two lenses. This camera seems to be wider, but this could be because Apple would try to integrate it better into the device by making it not stick out so much.

A very significant detail is also that of not seeing anything but the camera and the logo of the apple. Two things could be deduced from this. The first is that there is no fingerprint reader so it would be assumed that it will be integrated into the screen . The other conclusion we draw is that there is no trace of sensors on the back that allow wireless charging . Perhaps such charging will not be finally implemented in this new device, or perhaps Apple will surprise with another method of wireless charging never seen before.

Construction materials would also stand out. The glossy black color shown in this model may be due to the fact that the construction is glass-based , as we already saw in the iPhone 4 and 4s. If so, we must admit that they would be very nice phones with these finishes, but we must also highlight the sensitivity of these materials that make the phone more easily dirty, more prone to scratching and perhaps with a simple fall can be shattered.

We will have to keep waiting

For those of us who are impatient to know what this new iPhone model will finally look like, we have no choice but to look at the clock, the calendar and wait impatiently for the date of its presentation , which is also unknown for the moment.

But to make our mouths water a bit, it’s always good to have this type of model that provides a more objective view based on rumors.

What do you think of this model and the concepts that can be deduced from it? We invite you to share your opinion in the comments.

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