A look at what’s new in iTunes 11

After almost two months of waiting, and about 198 MB of download, we can now enjoy iTunes 11 a version that has taken a little longer than usual to arrive but which does so with a radical makeover. While we find the same concept and functions as always, a hub for iOS devices and iPod, the new redesign has been great for the application and makes the app look much simpler to use and above all, more direct. In Apple’s words: ” this is the best iTunes ever “.

New iTunes design, you’ll love it

The application has more than just a new design as the menu organization has changed radically and although we still have something like an option sidebar, all of these options are now hidden behind a discreet menu that we’ll have at our disposal at the top of the application window.

A look at what’s new in iTunes 11
A look at what’s new in iTunes 11

It seems that Apple wants us to forget about these options a little and focus more on navigating our music from the display of covers. An interesting detail is that now the searches have been improved a lot and besides offering a much more interesting visual content they allow us to pass between iTunes Store (and at the same time App Store) and our library in an almost transparent way. Watch out for the clicks! You may find yourself in the Apple Store instead of in your library.

Another visual detail that is added a lot is the “display screen”, that section of the interface where the playback elements are shown. Now in addition to all the known data we can see the playlist we are listening to and navigate through it from that section, again avoiding navigating through different sections and concentrating the information to the minimum. Here are some screenshots of this.

New view by Artists, much more organized

Extra features included with iTunes 11

Apple has always included a mini player with iTunes, it was activated by using the maximize button (I don’t understand it either, don’t look for the explanation). This feature has received a pretty high washout and like the display screen I mentioned before, it offers much more information and allows us to browse the content of our playlist or album without the need to constantly jump between the full application and this player , sincerely very useful and if you have a big screen you will surely find this feature much more practical than before.

The behavior of it has also changed radically and now we can activate it without using the maximized button and it is also a secondary window of iTunes, so we can have both full player and mini player at the same time.

Associated with playlists, one of the most useful features from my point of view is the ability to know what’s going to play next, i.e. if you activate the shuffle mode iTunes 11 will show you an editable playlist with all the songs that will play in the next few minutes. This function is called in the English version: “Next” .

iTunes 11 ya disponible, de vuelta a la mesa de diseño para hacerlo más sencillo, bonito y con integración total con iCloud

The improvements in iCloud are minimal but interesting, the main one is the possibility to see all the content stored in iCloud in a transparent way (similar to how it is shown in iOS 6) so the differences between a local file and a cloud file are minimal in its visualization. Another detail of iCloud is that it now remembers the position in which we stayed watching a movie or video so it does not matter if we continue in our iPod, iPhone or Mac will always keep the position.

PS: If you have an iTunes coupon you’ll want to try one of the new hidden features, the ability to use your computer’s iSight camera to redeem the code.

iTunes 11, less is more

iTunes 11 adds a few new features to the program and also allows you to customize many others, but when you first see it you think just the opposite and that feeling is very nice . We all know that iTunes is a rather cumbersome program but its facelift has completely changed that feeling, at least a priori. We’ll have to check over time if reducing the menus to the minimum is not only a noticeable visual improvement but also useful.

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