A look at documents from Apple’s early years


Now, thanks to the Museum of Computer History in Mountain View, California, and the donations of Mike Markkula (one of the company’s first investors) and Dan Kottke (Apple’s first employee), we have access to a series of documents that show us the company’s organizational charts, product lines, and plans from the 1970s and 1980s.

A look at documents from Apple’s early years
A look at documents from Apple’s early years

It appears that the documents were part of a memo , in which Jobs and Wozniak offered 150,000 shares of the company to potential shareholders. The first thing we see in the documents is a product line planned for the 1980s, regulated by the price of each product.

In addition, it set goals for the individual consumer and user: “personal pleasure and enjoyment, eliminating waste of paper, energy and space and improving the standard of living”, through challenges such as ” convincing a normal user that he needs a computer in his home “.

As we can see, some of the products are split into several, while others simply evolve, but all become cheaper as the years go by , a strategy that still lasts now. In addition, a series of questions show us ideas for possible new products without description.

Another interesting document we can see is the company’s organizational chart. Led by jobs, the “tree” is divided into the sections that still exist today , such as hardware, software, industrial design, marketing…internally, the company may have gained employees, but it seems that the skeleton of the company remains.

In the document we can also see the main concerns and challenges of the company, such as that the manufacturer for Macintosh computers had not yet been selected and some observations regarding the agenda that had been planned.

Finally, as we can see in the image that begins the article, we have a printed image that parodies the Orson Welles ad that we can see in the following video:

Apple’s plans may not have turned out as a young Steve would have wished , but it must be said that the company, despite the crisis, is currently enjoying excellent health and popularity.

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