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a HomeKit-compatible “ball” of light that you can take anywhere

Eve Flare por 99,99 euros en Macnificos.

Of all the manufacturers of HomeKit accessories, Eve (formerly known as Elgato) is the company with the most extensive product catalogue. With Flare we have come across a very unique HomeKit compatible lamp . An accessory that has pleasantly surprised us.

Eve Flare lamp, technical specifications

  • Accessory type: portable spherical LED lamp with multi-colour light.
  • Luminous flux: 90 lumens.
  • Temperature range of use: between 0 and 40ºC.
  • Range of humidity in use: between 0 and 80%.
  • Resistance: IP65 (against dust and water jets)
  • Size: 25 centimeters in diameter.
  • Connectivity: bluetooth low energy.
  • 6-hour battery life.
  • Wireless charging via base.
  • Where to buy: Eve Flare for 99.99 euros in Macnificos.

Smart light you can put anywhere in the house

a HomeKit-compatible “ball” of light that you can take anywhere
a HomeKit-compatible “ball” of light that you can take anywhere

At Apple we have analyzed many HomeKit accessories, including several sets of intelligent lights for the Apple home automation platform . But we had never been able to test a portable lamp. And the truth is that it is a product that surprises.

The Flare sphere can change color from Eve’s app or from the HomeKit accessory control center.

Its main attraction is that has no wires . You can take it with you anywhere, even away from home (although it would lose its smart features here). The bedside table, the living room, the garden or the patio. Place it in a spot that normally has no or insufficient light.

The Flare lamp can be moved anywhere in the house and is recharged thanks to a wireless base

Being able to move it from one place to another without having to worry about cables, plugs or installations is very convenient. And it makes you use it many more times. During my tests, I have placed the Flare on my bedside table and used it to turn off the light before sleeping. And I have programmed it to turn on at 8% on weekdays at 6:03am for five minutes.

It is not a light that will allow you to read a book with peace of mind, but it does provide enough light to illuminate a room or part of the living room . One of the functions I like the most is to use it with Siri, who you can ask to adjust both the intensity and the color of the LEDs.

Eve Flare’s charging base, simply place the ball on top of it to charge it.

The intelligence of HomeKit accessories can go far beyond Siri or event scheduling. But to do this you need a specific sensor that triggers the action, something we have not yet tested.

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The Eve Flare can be an interesting accessory for those who want to have light in certain places of the house. A light that can be regulated, change colour and programmed under certain conditions . Its price is almost 100 euros, but we must take into account that this type of light, coupled with its portability and wireless charging increase the price at the same time as the added value.

Where to buy

The equipment has been loaned for testing by Macnificos. You can consult our policy of relations with companies here.