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A good idea of how Apple could comply with European charger regulations

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You’ve commented on it yourselves on more than one occasion in comments to some posts related to Apple’s new Dock Connector, but it won’t cease to be a question mark until Apple comments on it officially: how do you plan to comply with the universal mobile charger regulation that the European Union requires from 2011?

A good idea of how Apple could comply with European charger regulations
A good idea of how Apple could comply with European charger regulations

Apple itself is one of 13 companies that have committed that all their mobile devices launched after the end of 2011 will integrate a universal charging connector. This connector is known by all as microUSB .

At the beginning of 2009, Europe had a total of thirty different chargers and in view of this disparity, it was decided to unify this component for all equipment, not only to save costs but also to help the user not to have to deal with different chargers and connectors depending on the brand.

But time has passed and although the regulation is effective from the end of 2011, i.e. no device launched in 2012 should already have a different connector, Apple has avoided the regulation so far and the closest we have is a Dock to MicroUSB adapter that is only sold in the UK.

When rumors began to circulate about the possible launch of a new, smaller dock connector, the alarm was naturally raised: would Apple include a microUSB connector in its next iPhone? The first images of the connector made us doubt, but once we showed the cable completely assembled it was clear that Apple was not planning to add a generic cable to their next terminals .

That’s why I find the idea that has been published since 9to5mac and that the manufacturer Scosche has had so interesting. Thanks to the small dimensions of the supposed new Apple connector, launching an integrated adapter that converts the Apple cable into a universal microUSB would be really simple.

As you can see in the screenshot that accompanies this entry, that piece would be a swivel adapter that would modify the cable to be used as a dock or microUSB. Will it be a similar cable that we will see in Europe with the next iPhone? Of course it would be a brilliant idea to comply with the regulations but keeping the Apple seal at all times.

In my case it is a “regulation” and something not very important, I hardly have other devices that require charging except the iPhone, so I ask you: is it important for you that the next iPhone integrates a microUSB adapter?

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