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A girl crying because of Apple

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And I’m sure now they’re even signing her up for a switcher campaign.

Bad, bad, bad, Apple. How can you have so little sensitivity to a girl, with the good look on her face in the video? The news broke last week but we didn’t want to let it go.

A girl crying because of Apple
A girl crying because of Apple

Perhaps we can excuse Apple for not realizing that the letter was written by a child, but by someone not very old, I’m sure it was obvious. No, there’s no excuse.

The case is that the girl of our history, fan of the iPod , proposed by means of a letter to Apple (concretely to the uncle Steve) that they were implementing in next versions of the reproducer the option to see the lyrics of the songs in the screen, that to her seemed a good idea. After three months, she received a letter from Apple signed by her legal department inviting her to stop sending suggestions as they could not be received. All, it seems, in the typical language of lawyers’ letters. I imagine that behind the reply there is some absurd law that tells them that’s the best they can do, lest they already implement that function and then the parents of the child arrive and ask for a share of the benefits with the letter as proof. Be that as it may, when her parents explained to her what the letter said, the poor child went to her room to cry, completely disillusioned.

Gentlemen of Apple, what less than to give the girl a couple of new iPods and a Macbook Pro to me, that when I knew the prices of the same I cried like a child and you will not want me to live all my life with that trauma.