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A genius is leaving stickers on the street that mimic lost AirPods

Pablo Rochat

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A genius is leaving stickers on the street that mimic lost AirPods
A genius is leaving stickers on the street that mimic lost AirPods


Compartir Un genio está dejando pegatinas por la calle que imitan a AirPods perdidos



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Pablo Rochat is an art director who has previously worked for aTinder, Microsoft and even Apple. However, today we are not here because of any of his work in these companies, but because of his latest project which has gone viral. A great joke to make more than one people believe that they have dropped the AirPods .

The idea is as simple as it is great. What Pablo Rochat has done is to print a series of photographs of the AirPods at real size and with a perfect resemblance to the real ones. If we also take into account that it is a small size… more than one will think they are real when seeing them from a distance.

What have you done with these stickers? Sticking them on the floor of the streets with all cheekiness. On sidewalks, in sewers, at pedestrian stops… Any place where a lot of people pass by. Because that’s where the joke is, that people see them and immediately put their hands in their ears or pockets to see if they still have their two AirPods.

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The artist has gone even further and has made available on his website templates for downloading AirPods or AirPods Pro . With these templates and once printed, everyone can leave AirPods and AirPods Pro on the floor of their city, in the office or wherever they want.

Evil personified:

No doubt a most interesting curiosity that echoes one of the main problems of this type of headset: its ease of loss . Unless, of course, you wear a ribbon that prevents them from getting lost. Or earrings. The world of AirPod accessories can be very entertaining.


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