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A first look inside the new 27-inch iMac


And on the MacRumors forums, one of its users, R.OG, has posted some first images of the inside of the 27-inch iMac . In them we can appreciate some small variations with respect to the 21″ model.

A first look inside the new 27-inch iMac
A first look inside the new 27-inch iMac

Although the layout of the internal components follows the same line there are interesting details. The first is the hard disk, a 3.5″ drive at 7200 rpm . A data to take into account because the 21″ model uses a 2.5″ one that is slower at 5400 rpm.

The second refers to the graphics card. You no longer use cards with an MXM connection. They are now on the same board as the processor. Both dissipate heat with a single system and fan . And it should give good results, or so we hope, when previously two different boards were used to dissipate the heat.

There are still more details that we will surely know when iFix it does the complete breakdown and analyzes each of the components. In the meantime, congratulations to whoever receives the new model and patience for those of you who have already reserved it.

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