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a false document claims to have details about Apple’s plans

The Apple rumor machine is still going around. Sometimes we see some of them confirmed as true, sometimes we come across elements whose lack of authenticity is obvious. And in the middle, a category where certain elements are mixed with others that are not authentic to create a new but also false story. In the last few hours, a supposed internal Apple development document has been going around the net. It is a forgery, let’s see why.

The document can be read in full here in PDF format, it was released a few hours ago by a Twitter account created in June 2019 . It is completely unknown and in the past has not given information that has been confirmed later. With these precedents in hand, we should already be alert to what we read. In particular, these points are striking:

  • iOS 13 17A5572a as Golden Master (GM): iOS 13 beta 8 has that same build number, so you are assuming that since its release on August 21 there have been no changes. Something that obviously does not make sense, because it is far from being a well-polished version and still requires improvements.
  • The code “17A5572a” is also striking because Apple’s GM has not had a lowercase letter at the end for years. GMs have been missing since at least iOS 9.
a false document claims to have details about Apple’s plansa false document claims to have details about Apple’s plans

The claim that iOS 13 is now “ready” from beta 8 comes from Apple’s release of the first iOS 13.1 beta. However, it is reasonable to assume that in a few days Apple will release the iOS 13 GM with a different build number because it will have more polished software . This would be the reason why Apple has started the iOS 13.1 developer betas cycle.

Another argument against the authenticity of the document is that it claims that the final, public version of iOS 13.1 will have the build 17A5821e. Precisely is the same number that iOS 13.1 beta 1 has . This is absurd, since it assumes that there will be no more versions or fixes until its release in October. This month, moreover, new iPads will be released according to the document.

In Apple “Prepare for Dark Mode”. This is how apps for iOS 13 should be prepared.

Finally, as indicated in 9to5Mac, there are other minor inconsistencies, but important for a company like Apple. They refer to the development program as “development program”, when Apple always says “developer program”. It uses trade names like “iPhone 11 Pro” and its model numbers interchangeably, when engineering does not know the marketing plans for final product names. And it refers to iPod touch sometimes as iPod. And as we’ve seen, “WatchOS” also appears instead of watchOS with the lowercase “w” as it’s officially spelled.

There’s enough evidence to do more than question the document. It is a forgery that mixes real details but in situations that do not make sense, coupled with a style and misprints that by their abundance are unthinkable in a company that cares a lot about this kind of thing.