A document filters out iPhone 7 storage

Just a few days before the official presentation of the more than expected iPhone 7 , the leaks with the latest information on features and innovations do not cease. One of the most talked about points of this new terminal is related to the different storage options that the Californian firm will offer. What data will these new documents reveal to us?

New leak affirms iPhone 7’s different storage

This filtration is given through some Foxconn documents. The famous company dedicated to the manufacture of the different devices of the American brand is one of the key industries in the creation and assembly of the iPhones.

A document filters out iPhone 7 storage
A document filters out iPhone 7 storage

These documents reflect the different capabilities that have been rumoured to exist for several months. As shown in the photograph, the new iPhone 7 would be made up of 32, 128, and 256GB versions of . This would leave the 16GB version behind and be replaced by the 32GB version, due to the limitation and scarcity of capacity that this model currently suffers.

It should be noted that rumors surrounding a 256GB version have not ceased since the new iPhone 7 was announced. These rumors came from the suppliers of 256 GB memory , whose demand had increased significantly. Moreover, as we have already mentioned, these memories will be manufactured by the company Toshiba , and this document has confirmed this rumour once again.

The iPhone 7, one of Apple’s most anticipated terminals

Summing up all the data and information we have regarding the capabilities of the Cupertino terminal, everything points to the fact that the version larger than 256 GB is only available in the high-end version of the iPhone 7 , which will come with a double camera and more RAM.

Finally, it’s time to wait a few days to find out in detail all the new features and innovations that the famous terminal will present. There are many rumors that have already been commented by great analysts of the sector, although those of Apple could surprise us in the presentation of the terminal with an ace up its sleeve. Will the Californians surprise us?

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