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a data manager in Kryptonian

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a data manager in Kryptonian
a data manager in Kryptonian

DataMan Next is one of the most interesting applications to keep our data rate consumption up to date. And taking advantage that Comic-con starts next week, its developer has taken the opportunity to bring out its geek side and allow through an easter egg that we can read the data of this application in Kryptonian. Do you want to know how to get it?

In case you didn’t know it, DataMan Next is an application that monitors how we consume the MB of our data rate and shows it to us in a very elegant and orderly way on the screen of our iPhone.

In addition, it is able to give us a report of our consumption in real time, make a prediction based on our usage of whether we will arrive with enough MB to the day of billing and even has preloaded the data plans of the most important operators in the world so that we do not have to bother to configure it manually.

Another thing that DataMan Next allows us is that we can customize the theme of the application, with different colors or fonts . And the trick that we bring you today, that the developer has been showing little by little in his Facebook page, is that there is a hidden easter egg that allows us to read the information in Kryptonian.

Only suitable for the most freak of Superman, who will be able to understand the Kryptonian language of the famous superhero . When we go to the application’s font selection there is no default Kryptonian in Theme> Font .

For that we will have to turn our two fingers 108 degrees (regardless of the direction), as you can see in the image above, and that’s when the Kryptonian font will appear. And once we activate the font, a new “kryptonian” color palette is automatically generated that will help us give the application one more touch geek if possible.

In case you didn’t know, next week is Comic-con in San Diego , so its developer Jonny Ixe has decided to include this Easter egg. Did you like it or do you think you will never use it?

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