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a correct update with Siri as the main claim

After watching our video presentation and first contact with the new Apple terminal, you will surely want to know more and above all, what we think of this new Apple device, the iPhone 4S . A device that shines with its own light thanks to certain features but which are precisely the same that make it not a recommended purchase for Spain today.

iPhone 4S is a slight update to iPhone 4, a good update, but that’s all… an update with some new features and some new software. Want to learn more about the new Apple terminal? Join us for this review and a look at all of its most important features.

New A5 processor: more power, better graphics, same battery life

a correct update with Siri as the main claim
a correct update with Siri as the main claim

When you’re told that a device doubles its speed by two and its graphics by seven, it makes you wonder what the hell will happen to the iPhone’s battery and whether it’s still as bad or worse. Luckily, the battery is still in its thirteen, so it can withstand a day of heavy use with a little effort. It’s still too early to judge this section so let’s continue with the new A5 processor.

A processor that makes a lot of sense on the iPad 2, a computer that really needed such an upgrade, but that doesn’t really seem to bring much to the iPhone. Let’s just say that iPhone 4 has hardly suffered any wear and tear or reduction in performance with the iOS 5 output, so the difference between the two performing similar tasks is barely noticeable.

In other applications such as the camera, the loading of all applications or access to complex applications is done more quickly, it’s true, but the change is not the same as that imposed on the iPhone 4 and the rest of the devices. We’ll have to see how the new integrated graphics also behaves over time, a detail that at the moment we can’t verify but that promises much more than in the computer’s processor.

Web browsing has also been improved and complex pages are now faster to load , although again, this is a difference that is difficult to appreciate and is certainly not a radical change from the current terminal. Interesting, but not a reason to change terminal.

Is the iPhone 4S camera a compact?

There’s no denying it, the iPhone 4S camera is one of the best integrated cameras on a mobile device right now. They have not sinned of anything, great sensor, a great lens (always taking into account the performance and that we are talking about a mobile), is very fast, the focus is extremely fast and on top of that the stabilized 1080p video is a delight. But we are still in front of a mobile phone and as such its photos under perfect conditions (daylight, no strange lights…) the camera equals and exceeds any 100 euro compact (low range), out of those situations the camera reminds you that you are using a mobile.

iPhone 4S, análisis en vídeo

A mobile with a spectacular camera , but again, a mobile. The video may be, from my point of view, the one that gets the most praise, although the increase in size and therefore in pixel density does not seem important to me at all, the stabilization of it (due to the processor capable of performing it in real time) even if it is by software is surprising and the differences with respect to a video made with iPhone 4 are quite high.

The camera now also includes a face detector, so it is able to focus quite accurately when taking group pictures. Again a very useful legacy feature that complements a great camera for a mobile phone.

Software, the highlight of this iPhone

I’m sure by now you’re thinking, as I do, that this iPhone is a normal terminal and that it’s not really worth it. So far, yes, it’s not worth the change, but I haven’t told you yet the most interesting thing about the new iPhone: a software called Siri .

A feature that Apple has sold as revolutionary, but now (unlike the rest of the terminal), they are right. Siri is surprising, something never seen before, an interaction that was unknown until now since we had not had any kind of artificial intelligence of this type available, and even less so in a mobile terminal.

Will Siri change the way you use your cell phone? I doubt it, since it is a fun toy to use on very specific occasions but in which it can be very useful. Defining Siri is very complicated, but what makes Siri special is its ability to interact and follow a conversation. We are not talking about a word recognition technology, we are talking about a technology capable of understanding what you want (regardless of its order, or if you say it right, simply what you want) and of interacting with you on that subject.

I repeat, Siri is simply incredible and you have to play it and see it in person to understand the capacity and incredible evolution of the system with respect to a simple voice detector. But Siri is at the same time the big ” gap ” of it ends for our market.

The Apple assistant doesn’t speak Spanish and what’s worse, it’s quite complicated to make you understand if you don’t use correct pronunciation. That’s why the iPhone 4S goes from 100 to 10 in a matter of seconds, when you see that all those features that English people can use and with which they hallucinate, become a:

Fortunately we already know that in 2012 (although not declared when) Siri will speak Spanish and therefore the iPhone 4S will shine with its own light becoming without doubt the best, most complete and most incredible iPhone launched to date .

Video samples and images of the new terminal

First a video made with the new terminal. It has not been processed under any program and has been uploaded to YouTube directly using the tool integrated in the system.

And now a small gallery of images also made with the device. All of them without any kind of process, in this case they have been uploaded to Flickr using the OS X tool.

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