a consortium to improve the standard of video compression


If we add to this the fact that these videos are increasingly higher quality, we can easily exhaust a data plan with a few videos a day. The solution? In addition to not watching so many videos, maybe the key is that these videos take up less space .

a consortium to improve the standard of video compression
a consortium to improve the standard of video compression

And to make this happen, a group of companies have joined forces with the aim of achieving a new compression codec for videos on the net. Alliance for Open Media is looking to create a new codec that will reduce the size of videos before they are stored or sent over the network. This technology is crucial to prevent the phone from running out of storage space or the data plan from running out every month. But compression technology is only useful when it is widely supported.

To achieve this wide support the consortium is formed by the big technology companies : Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Intel, Facebook… and Apple. For a while, the great remnant in this consortium was Apple, considering the number of users and devices it has deployed throughout the world, its arrival was crucial. But now it has.

Apple has quietly joined this consortium to create the AV1 technology (name that will receive the new codec) and support it in their devices . This kind of news is always welcome, the fact that Apple joins a common standard is beneficial for everyone. But if we take into account that Apple can use its own technology because it has both the hardware and the software… it would not be the first time in fact.

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