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A concept shows us what a hybrid between macOS and iOS would look like

Many of us dream of reinventing macOS because we’ve become a little bored of not seeing any substantial changes in how we use our Mac in our daily lives for a long time now. Today a German video editor has published a video showing a concept of how a hybrid between iOS and macOS would look like focusing a lot on the gesture system we have on the iPad.

This curious concept is based on the fact that desks as we know them up to now must go down in history, and it is time to reinvent them. This designer to put by a system of floating windows that are always in full screen as in the iPad or iPhone but can be easily integrated with the Split View.

A concept shows us what a hybrid between macOS and iOS would look likeA concept shows us what a hybrid between macOS and iOS would look like

It would not be an ordinary Split View but we could have in the same view up to 4 different windows as you can see in the video itself something that seems a bit chaotic and would only make sense on those bigger screens.

These screens could be moved freely through a system of gestures, being able to switch from full mode to split mode quickly, although also raises other very interesting options to be able to overlap our applications by dragging them.

In addition, it also bets on an energy saving mode so that applications in the background are completely frozen so that we don’t have to minimize or close them. This would reduce the energy and work impact on the CPU just like in iOS.

Finally, we also see a control centre like the one on the iPhone or iPad and the possibility of integrating on-screen widgets with relevant information such as the weather or our calendar.

Finally, we see that he has other plans for iMac and larger displays, since his philosophy is that for large monitors, small windows. With this means that in this case we would see the applications as we have until now , as windows, and not as in the iPad always in full screen.

No doubt it is a very risky bet that we do not see Apple doing at the moment, but it may end up reinventing the way we work with a Mac in a few years and we hope that this path begins with macOS 10.15 and the new features that can integrate.