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a concept shows us the iPhone of 2020 without notch

Ben Geskin

Horrible to some, necessary to others, and irrelevant to some. Apple explained that it was their way of placing the TrueDepth system with the camera and Face ID sensors . Will it be there for long? Maybe next year it will disappear.

a concept shows us the iPhone of 2020 without notch
a concept shows us the iPhone of 2020 without notch

Twitter user Ben Geskin has posted an image of how he imagines (it’s a simple concept, not a real leak) the iPhone of 2020 if Apple removes the notch. He claims that it is based on a font on a prototype of the 2020 iPhone that Apple is testing . Before going any further and putting things in context, Ben Geskin has so far not hit on any of his leaks.

The idea that Apple is going to eliminate notch is something that has been rumoured since before iPhone X was even introduced. Everyone has seen it as a necessary step in technological evolution before cameras and sensors can be reduced enough to fit on the edge. And maybe it’s something that will happen in some iteration of the iPhone. The iPad Pro for example comes directly without notch as there is enough space on its edges.

Without notch but with more edges. Currently the iPhone has only side, top and bottom borders. Adding the TrueDepth system to the frame implies, at least as seen in current concepts, some more thickness for the border.

At AppleIn a sea of frameless smartphones, the iPhone X is the only one that manages to stand out

This news is curious and makes some sense if we think that earlier this week the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (who does have a good history of leaks behind his back) said that Apple will modify the frame of the iPhone to make it flat as in the iPhone 4. If this is true also change the border slightly to become flat and not rounded as it is currently. A flat edge makes it easier to insert cameras and sensors inside.

2020 for an iPhone without notch? It’s hard to believe, although if the Apple-related rumor has taught us anything, it’s that even the most implausible and grotesque things come true.


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