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A concept embraces the “peninsula” in a frameless iPhone 8 interface

La cámara del iPhone 8 tendría funciones inteligentes: otro detalle filtrado del firmware de HomePod.

The HomePod has filtered out so many new things about the future iPhone 8 that we could consider its firmware as a kind of modern Rosetta Stone. What we still don’t know is what the user interface of the next iPhone will look like, nor how it will take advantage of the already confirmed “peninsula” of superior sensors. These and other questions are what a user interface designer has decided to tackle.

A concept embraces the “peninsula” in a frameless iPhone 8 interfaceA concept embraces the “peninsula” in a frameless iPhone 8 interface

Although it would be ideal not to have to resort to it, everything indicates that Apple will place a small peninsula at the top of its screen. This is one of the consequences of looking for a design that makes the frames of the terminal as tight as possible.

In the same way that Apple chose not to hide the camera bump on the iPhone but to adopt it as a necessary part of the design, the company could choose this same route for the iPhone 8 interface. This is how designer Max Rudberg has imagined it, who has created a series of concepts to show the possibilities of the new terminal.

Option 1: The status bar is shown in white, highlighting the peninsula. Option 2: the status bar is hidden by giving it a black background that allows it to merge with the peninsula. Option 3: both the top and the bottom of the bar are black, to give a uniform appearance to the front.

In my opinion, the third image is the one that fits best. Apple has always chosen to merge hardware and software and this seems to be the perfect opportunity to make the two indistinguishable. It’s true that the third option makes the screen look smaller than it is, but it’s about placing relevant elements at the bottom and at the top.

The first option seems to me to be the least likely, because the white colours are evidence of the existence of this “peninsula”. That said, I have doubts that this supposed iPhone 8 will be available in colors other than black or jet black .

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