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A complete tour of the entire Apple Campus 2, in drone view and 4K


A few days ago, a couple of almost stealthy videos of the progress of Apple Campus 2 came out from inside it and in front of the human eye. The videos are not even available anymore, so it’s understood that nobody from Apple’s offices has authorized their recording.

A complete tour of the entire Apple Campus 2, in drone view and 4K
A complete tour of the entire Apple Campus 2, in drone view and 4K

The latest video we have from Cupertino’s Apple Campus 2 was released a few hours ago by Matthew Roberts on YouTube. In it you can still see the progress that has been made in the last weeks within Apple’s new headquarters. All this in order to be finished at the beginning of next year.

At the beginning of the video we see how the auditorium where the future conferences will be held has already been covered . On the other hand, dozens of tunnels run through the entire Apple campus. Tunnels that will probably be used to cross the campus from one side to the other without having to go all the way around or impact the environment.

You can also see how only a tiny part of the “ring” remains to be built. Once this is built the whole ring will be connected. Even so, we can already see how immense the whole infrastructure is.

25% of the solar panels are already installed

Other interesting details in the video are the construction of the pavilion’s façade, the assembly of the giant glass panels or the installation of the -hundred solar panels . Exercise centre, garages, exteriors…, many other areas can be seen in the video as they are being built.

In short, a total of almost four minutes in drone view and in 4K to amaze you how giant the Apple Campus 2 is and how fast it’s building.

If all goes well, the opening of Apple Campus 2 is scheduled for early 2017 . Construction is expected to be completed by the end of this year, and by the end of January 2017 all employees will have moved into the new offices.