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A bug was discovered in Siri that allows you to disable mobile data on a locked iPhone

A reddit user has discovered a bug related to Siri. In this case, the bug allows access to the iPhone’s mobile data options without having to unlock the iPhone .

Siri does not ask to unlock the iPhone to perform the action

Usually when we ask our iPhone’s voice assistant to perform an action on our device and it is blocked, the virtual assistant will ask us to enter our password. In this case, when Siri is asked to activate or deactivate the mobile data it does so without asking us to unlock the iPhone , as it should do as shown in the image below.

A bug was discovered in Siri that allows you to disable mobile data on a locked iPhone
A bug was discovered in Siri that allows you to disable mobile data on a locked iPhone

Command to deactivate mobile data with Siri

As shown in the following image obtained from the North American information technology website MacRumors, Siri unlocks the mobile data on the device even if it is blocked. Considering that the password for the control of the device is usually requested, the fact that it does not do it to deactivate the data is due to an error , since the settings do not come this way by default.

Siri deactivates the data without unlocking the iPhone.

Whether the error creates real problems is unknown

We don’t know if this bug creates a big impact on users, but it is still clear that it is a bug. Our iPhone allows us to disable or activate the data in other ways, such as using 3D Touch technology on the Settings icon. In addition if our device is stolen, you can disable it with the airplane mode from the Control Center (which allows access even if the device is locked) or simply by turning off the iPhone . However, if you are worried that this might happen, you can uninstall the virtual voice assistant and Control Centre access on the locked device.

Some users have tested this Siri command and found that it works in iOS 9 and all iOS 10 versions, including the latest 10.3.3 beta.

Siri on an iPhone

How to disable Siri and the Control Center on the locked screen?

Siri settings

It’s very simple, just go to your iPhone Settings and select Siri and Control Center and deselect these will work on the locked screen . Once you remove the option, you will not be able to access these features with your iPhone locked and so you can stop worrying about this iPhone voice assistant bug.

From Apple5x1 we will inform you of any news that may arise regarding this issue. And you, have you been a victim of this bug with the iPhone voice assistant? Leave us your experience and opinion in the comment box.