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A bug in iPhone X makes it impossible to answer calls

A new problem seems to be affecting an increasing number of iPhone X. Some users appear to be having a problem that is preventing them from answering calls.

In particular, the problem is that the iPhone X screen does not turn on when the phone starts ringing , so the user does not know who is calling and cannot answer or reject the call using the buttons that should appear on the touch screen.

A bug in iPhone X makes it impossible to answer callsA bug in iPhone X makes it impossible to answer calls

It is not yet clear what circumstances are causing this problem, although Apple has already informed The Financial Times that they are investigating the problem and looking for a solution to be offered to affected users as soon as possible.

In the Apple Support Forums you can read cases of different people affected. Some have tried to restore the phone to factory default and have had the problem fixed for a few days, while in other cases Apple has replaced their affected phone with another and within a few days the problem is reproduced.

In the following video you can see an iPhone X affected by the problem and how the call screen takes a long time to appear after the handset starts ringing, in this case with the device completely unlocked and the screen on.

Taking these cases into account it is most likely that there is some kind of software error . Perhaps an error that occurs when configuring certain options on the devices or by some incompatibility with some app in the App Store.

Are you one of the users affected by this problem with iPhone X? If so, we hope Apple will soon resolve this issue and you can enjoy your computer normally by simply installing an iOS update.