a bug causes a user to pay 122 times in a row for OS X Lion


Go back a few days to the past, just when OS X Lion appeared on the Mac App Store. Many of us didn’t even think about it: we hit the buy button and quickly didn’t download the system to our machines. John Christman did the same and chose to do a clean install of the system… but he didn’t know what was coming. Due to some error in the payment process, Apple charged the amount of OS X Lion 122 times in a row .

a bug causes a user to pay 122 times in a row for OS X Lion
a bug causes a user to pay 122 times in a row for OS X Lion

Let’s take out the calculator: OS X Lion costs $23.99. The taxes in the state where John lives raise that price to $31.79. 31.79 multiplied by 122 gives a result of $3878.40 . So much for complaining about the prices of Windows 7 Ultimate, right? Horrified at seeing his account in the red and two days away from paying the mortgage, John rushed to contact Apple and Paypal so they could both blame each other. What’s more, those charges are officially reversed and returned, but John still hasn’t seen that money in his account.

John is suspicious of the functionality of downloading all the applications already purchased from the App Store that offers the iCloud preview, functionality that he used with iTunes and that possibly resulted in a payment of $31.79 for each of the applications that were downloaded. Fortunately, MacRumors has encouraged Apple to contact them and a representative has stated that the company will work with John to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Can you imagine yourself in a situation like that? Apple can boast one of the safest stores on the market, but mistakes like this can always happen. Let’s hope that the cause has been located and no more bank accounts are damaged.


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