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A 7-inch iPad could be on the market by fall

It seems that Google’s tablet release, the recently introduced Nexus 7, has removed the market for portable devices. This is because along with the competition it will cause to already consolidated products such as the Kindle Fire or the Galaxy Tab, it can also subtract some sales to a product that plays in another league such as the Apple iPad. Therefore, according to some sources, Cupertino’s are about to introduce a reduced 7-inch version of their tablet.

Yesterday we talked about a rumour that an iMac with the famous Retina screen might come on the market. Today we’re back with another rumour, but in this case it’s about the iPad. It appears and disappears as the Guadiana and refers to the possible arrival of a model of tablet smaller than the current , more exactly 7 inches.

A 7-inch iPad could be on the market by fall
A 7-inch iPad could be on the market by fall

The media Bloomberg talks about a report they are handling that makes sure that this reduced version of the iPad is on its way and close to appearing in time . With this new model, of which there have already been rumors in other occasions, Apple would try to face the tablet of smaller size , in a market that commands Android. These are lower cost products, among which we find some very interesting ones such as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab or Amazon’s Kindle Fire. But without a doubt, the one that could be the king of the sector has just been presented, and it is none other than the Nexus 7, the “official” tablet from Google manufactured by Asus. With a very contained price, and although it does not compete in the league of the iPad, it can suppose a serious diminution in the sales of the tablet of the bitten apple , mainly by the so competitive price with which it seems to go out to the market.

Of the possible new small iPad it is said that it has a screen of between 7 and 8 inches with a resolution of 1024×768 , so the inclusion of Retina technology is ruled out. The price will also try to be adjusted , taking into account that we are talking about Apple, and it will be similar to the one the Nexus 7 seems to have, that is between 199 and 249 dollars .

One thing that makes me feel really bad is that is scheduled for release in October , which if we listen to all the rumours would overlap with the presentation of the next iPhone and the new iMac with Retina Display , so, logically, there is clearly something left over. Too many events to happen all in one month . However, rumours are bound to arise in the time remaining until autumn.

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