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97% of Fortune 500 Companies Use iPhone and 98% iPad

The world’s largest companies choose Apple products for their operations

Businesses need to be connected , to relate quickly to clients, suppliers or partners. Likewise, in the current business model of production on demand ( just in time ), you need the tools of the companies to be the best possible. Mobile phones, tablets and laptops have replaced the famous “pagers” or the old notebooks and diaries.

These companies, depending on the moment, have been choosing one or another brand of electronic products. The first one I remember was Motorola, with its famous Motorola StarTac launched in 1996. After that, fashion changed towards companies like Ericsson or Nokia. At that time, their products were the best suited to the business market .

97% of Fortune 500 Companies Use iPhone and 98% iPad
97% of Fortune 500 Companies Use iPhone and 98% iPad

Even in more recent times, Blackberry was chosen by all the major companies in the world . Its private messaging service between the brand’s devices, its integrated QWERTY keyboard and its simplicity beat all other proposals. At that time, the Canadian company was rubbing its hands together at its best.

97% of the world’s top 500 companies use iPhone and 98% iPad

Like everything, fashions are passing and now Motorola changes hands like a small and unimportant company from Google to Lenovo, Ericsson disappeared years ago and Nokia’s mobile division has been bought by Microsoft. If we talk about Blackberry, the news is not very good and it seems that it will follow the same path as the others.

Nowadays, any important company bets on Apple . Its ability to synchronize between its devices, the simplicity of iOS and the quality of its products, have led Cupertino’s company to supply its iPhones to 97% of the 500 most powerful companies in the world. But that’s not all, because 98% of those companies also use the iPad.

These figures are derived from the words of Tim Cook in the presentation of fiscal results for the first quarter of the year. In this same presentation, Apple’s CEO confirmed record sales and enough cash to buy from one of its main competitors, Samsung, three times .

Version by version, Apple seeks to achieve what Blackberry meant for the corporate market , to be the only device these companies will use. We hope that, if this is achieved, Apple will not have the same situation as the previous companies mentioned. The key is to keep updating and innovating, without ever getting stuck.

As our colleagues at Digits remind us in their summary of Apple’s results conference, despite being a different market from the average consumer, its strategic importance and the benefits it brings to Apple make it great news for the company based at Infinte Loop.

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