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91% of Apple Users use iOS 7, Android 4.4 20.9%

91% of Apple users have the latest version of iOS 7 installed on their devices, compared to 20.9% of Android users

Apple’s latest report states that 91% of supported devices already have the current iOS 7 installed , a figure that contrasts sharply with the 20.9% of Android devices that have the latest version 4.4 installed.

Last July, the apple published a report showing how its latest mobile operating system, the current iOS7, for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is installed and running on more than 91% of all supported iOS devices.

91% of Apple Users use iOS 7, Android 4.4 20.9%
91% of Apple Users use iOS 7, Android 4.4 20.9%

Later, OpenSignal, wanted to compare Cupertino’s company report with data from Google’s Android mobile operating system in its latest version 4.4, and assured that it only runs on 20.9% of supported devices .

Android fragmentation offers more benefits to Google than harm

The report also talks about the fragmentation of Android and the pros and cons that exist for the developers of the Google operating system. The company points out that the wide range of devices on the market enables developers to reach a wider audience. However, they claim that for developers is an extra effort and requires a lot of time to make applications or games that can run correctly on each and every different device.

OpenSignal conducted a study with over 682,000 Android devices and concluded that fragmentation has quadrupled in the last two years . It appears that this year up to 18,796 different devices have been identified, a figure far higher than that recorded in 2012, with a total of 3,997.

In addition, the same report states that only 15% of Android users have at least one of the 10 most popular devices on the market this year, while the remaining 85% are distributed among the platform’s mid and low-end devices.

For one reason or another, OpenSignal concludes with the firm idea that the fragmentation of Android is more beneficial for Google than harmful , since the fact that consumers can access a wide variety of devices with prices for all types of pockets, helps to have a greater number of users, something that Apple, for example, can not afford.

Despite this, as the guys at PadGadget say, it seems obvious that the constant updates of the Apple mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are more convincing to users than the Android updates .

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