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90% of iPads and iPhones now have iOS 7, says Apple

iOS 7 is already on 90% of Apple devices

According to a new study conducted by MacNN that analyzes access to the App Store from Apple mobile devices, more than 90% of these accesses have occurred from iOS 7. While waiting for iOS 8 to arrive next fall, these data show the overwhelming success of this operating system, which was a turning point for the app company due to the inclusion of minimalism and a change in design that has achieved great performance. The result of this study was obtained through an analysis of the accesses to the App Store during a week that ended last Sunday .

Apple says so and users themselves say so through official adoption figures provided by the company. 90% of users have the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system installed on their devices, although it is not specified whether it is iOS 7 or version 7.1 with the latest update.

90% of iPads and iPhones now have iOS 7, says Apple
90% of iPads and iPhones now have iOS 7, says Apple

The high adoption rate that iOS 7 has had may be due to several factors, as reported by the guys at idownloadblog, including that many of the developers design applications exclusively for this iOS. The rest of the results show that iOS 6 is still on 9% of the devices and 2% still have an even earlier version installed . It should be mentioned that these tests have a 1% error margin, so they may vary slightly.

The current iOS 7 becomes the best received by users

It should be remembered that the old iOS 6 only achieved an adoption of 87% by the same dates . This shows that Apple’s initial fear of those users who did not trust the new iOS 7 design could be justified. Therefore, the fact that 90% of devices have Apple’s new mobile operating system could in some way justify Tim Cook and Ive’s strategy of changing Steve Jobs’ old style.

Anyway, we would have to see which are the cases where the devices still have iOS 6 or lower, since in many of the cases (if not all) their owners don’t even connect them to a computer , so they don’t even have to worry about installing the latest version of iOS. There are many users who decide to buy an iPhone or iPad just because it is fashionable or it can give a certain social “status”, but they only use it to call, send messages and play occasionally.

We can only wait to see if the next iOS 8 will have such a good adoption that the current iOS 7 seems to have had it. We’ll be out of the woods in the fall with the presumed arrival of the new iPhone 6 as well. And you, do you think that iOS 8 will follow in the footsteps of the current iOS 7 or will it simply be a facelift that doesn’t interest anyone? Let us know your opinion, we’ll be happy to hear it.

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