9 tricks to take advantage of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro cameras

Cómo usar QuickTake, la nueva opción de las cámaras de los iPhone 11 y 11 Pro

6- Modo Ráfaga, no pierdas ni un solo instante.

If you’ve upgraded your iPhone this year to the new iPhone 11 or 11 Pro, congratulations, you have a powerful camera in your pocket that will almost fit any circumstance. Taking advantage of this, let’s see how you can get even more out of your device with these tricks.

1- Take more pictures at night, without fear of not seeing anything.

9 tricks to take advantage of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro cameras
9 tricks to take advantage of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro cameras

With the launch of the new iPhone, Apple introduced the Night Mode to its cameras, a joint hardware-software system that thanks to the iPhone’s camera stabilization, the possibility of making longer exposures and the Neutral Engine allows us to take incredible night photographs .

2 – Frame without fear, the ultra wide angle covers your back.

Thanks to the new ultra wide angles available in this generation, we can now easily reframe the pictures we make with the standard angle . Apple has arranged the software so that, if you activate it, when you take a photo with the wide angle, another one will be taken with the ultra wide angle. In this way, if we need to reframe a photo taken with the normal camera we can resort to the rest of the information we are missing thanks to the capture of the ultra wide angle.

3- Deep Fusion, get super sharp and defined photos

Another new feature that Apple announced with the new iPhone was the Deep Fusion mode, which has finally arrived to our devices with the update to iOS 13.2. It is the fusion of several captures with different exposures to then join them together to make a more detailed and therefore more defined image. This option is automatic and it is the iPhone that decides when to activate it (usually in medium lighting situations by pulling down). It also has as a counterpart that only works with wide-angle and telephoto lenses, but of course it is a feature that with more time and development is sure to give much to talk about.

4- Let’s not forget the Live Photos.

Introduced with the iPhone 6S and its 3D Touch, now it seems that we have a little forgotten, but the iPhone can take photos with movement. Although it may not seem a very striking feature, there are circumstances that can manage to transport us to that precise moment, and it is always an addition to our cameras.

5- New gestures for the camera: Quick Take

With this new batch of devices a new possibility has come to our hands, something long demanded by the users of the apple devices, which is to be able to make video by keeping the shutter button on the camera screen . Now when we open the camera and hold the shutter button automatically our iPhone will start recording video, and if we want to continue recording even if we release the button we just have to slide it to the right, and it will stay. A feature that may seem little but has cost a lot to arrive.

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7- Modo Retrato: bokeh e iluminaciones profesionales.

Uno de los modos más interesantes de la cámara del iPhone 11 (y de versiones anteriores también) es el modo Retrato, que nos permite realizar fotografías a personas, animales y objetos aislándolas del fondo y creando un efecto de desenfoque que normalmente solo se consigue con cámaras de cierto nivel y objetivos muy luminosos. Un pequeño as en la manga para la cámara del iPhone si tomamos una foto a personas y queremos que esta destaque. Además, junto con los modos de iluminación podremos configurar diferentes condiciones de luz para nuestras fotografías , y sacarle así aún más partido a este modo.

8- Ahora cabe mas gente cuando te haces un selfie (o un slofie).

Cuando activamos la cámara delantera del iPhone, si colocamos el dispositivo en modo vertical la cámara tendrá el mismo ángulo de visión que veníamos teniendo hasta ahora. Si por el contrario giramos nuestro dispositivo para realizar un selfie en horizontal, veremos como el ángulo de visión de la cámara se amplía , dejándonos más espacio para que quepa más. Además ahora gracias a la cámara lenta en la lente delantera podemos hacer lo que Apple ha bautizado como “Slofies”, selfies en video a cámara lenta.

9- Fotografías panorámicas, horizontales y verticales.

No olvidemos uno de los modos que más tiempo lleva en la cámara de nuestros iPhones; las capturas panorámicas. Ya sean horizontales o verticales, y más ahora con 2 o 3 objetivos diferentes para la captura , podemos realizar fotografías todo lo anchas o altas que queramos.

Con todos estos nuevos trucos y modos, ya no existe excusa alguna para no hacer fotos con el iPhone.

Also with a few generations behind us we have the Burst Mode. This allows us to shoot as many photos as we want in a row , so that we can then choose the one we prefer. This is especially interesting for portrait or group photos to avoid taking the picture just when someone closes their eyes for example. Although with the burst mode the possibilities are endless.

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