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9 things Apple should improve from iOS 5 before the Golden Master

We’ve reviewed some of the major bugs that Apple must fix in future iOS 5 releases.

Apple discovered iOS 5 earlier this month during WWDC , and many developers (and non-developers) have already tested it on their devices, with mixed results .

9 things Apple should improve from iOS 5 before the Golden Master9 things Apple should improve from iOS 5 before the Golden Master

Although the new features presented in this article predict a much more fluid operating system with notable improvements , we must understand that as we are testing a beta , it is completely logical that we will find several bugs , as this is still a very early version (which is not at all recommended to be installed as our _main_ operating system , if not, until its final version , commonly known as Golden Master ).

But what are the details to be improved by Apple for the final version of iOS 5? Or what should be modernized from among the already known functionalities? From AppleSupportPhoneNumber we are going to show you nine that, we hope, will be revised in the near future.

1. iPod touch headset issues

It seems that the iPod touch does not get along very well with the new iOS when headphones are connected and it is reported by several users who installed the iOS 5 beta on their music players that when the headphone controls are operated the iPod is frozen .

2. The time selection dial does not show 24 hours

The wheel that we spin in the app Clock is a very convenient and fast way to program our alarms, but as we can see in the image above, currently the wheel only shows 12 hours (no AM or PM specified), instead of the 24 that iOS has always shown.

3. The creation of contacts

In iOS, it is possible to create or add data to contacts from the phone application itself or from Mail but in iOS 5 it is not possible to perform this simple action as the application _crashea_ when trying to run it.

4. The camera is still delayed when opened

When presented with the juicy new features that the Camera will offer in iOS 5, Scott Forstall assured that the new application would be ” a quick way to take pictures ” thanks to the new button added to the lock screen. Well, it’s not that the wait is long when using this mode, it’s that it may not open, especially if you have the HDR option activated .

5. Video streaming does not work in most applications

This is not an issue to be fixed by Apple , but rather by the developers, who would have to update their applications so that they do not give error and automatically direct you to the main screen, as is currently the case.

6. The “photo frame” mode of the iPad’s lock screen

Since the installation of iOS 5, this function has been disabled , although it appears in the system settings. The button is there on the iPad’s lock screen, but does not take any action when pressed.

7. iTunes Sync does not work

In iOS 5, from the system settings we are given the possibility to perform a manual synchronization with iTunes, but in the beta this option has not yet been enabled .

8. Without wallpaper

The function to change the wallpaper was announced in the iOS 4 release, so should not show any bug , as it should not be affected in this new version. But unfortunately this is not the case, as when browsing through the terminal’s integrated wallpapers, does not show any .

9. The battery “flies”

Although in each new Apple version it polishes certain details that make the battery last a little longer than it did in the previous version, in iOS 5, the battery literally “flies” and that is that, in an iPhone 4 in which charges could be made every two days, even every three, we find that it needs almost a daily charge with normal consumption. We observed a notable decrease in battery life , although on the iPad, the difference is less.

These are the points that, for now, we consider important to take into account for future versions of iOS 5, not counting the amount of crashes that may occur when opening an application or at some point spontaneously, although it should be noted that we are still in a beta phase of the final product , which we hope will not come with all these problems. What do you think? Have you discovered any other notable errors?

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