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9 reasons why Apple could wipe out in 2018

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Apple will be back on top in 2018 and we believe this for these 9 reasons

9 reasons why Apple could wipe out in 2018
9 reasons why Apple could wipe out in 2018

By Sánchez Villamandos – Apr 30, 2018ShareFacebookTwitter

Although 2018 has not started off too well for Apple , with sales figures for the iPhone X in free fall according to many rumours, as Cupertino’s never provide data on a particular device, and with the HomePod knocking on the doors of failure, everything makes us think that this year could end up as one of the best in history.

We’ve stopped to think and found up to 9 reasons why Apple could sweep the board in 2018 , and we’ve decided to capture them in this article, to share and discuss them with all of you.

Launch of economically priced devices

One of the main criticisms made of Apple since it launched its first device on the market is its high price. Since Cupertino they have realized that competition in the mobile phone or computer market is increasing, and it seems that in this 2018 will begin to launch a series of devices with an economic price .

The first of these could be a iPhone, with a 6.1-inch LCD screen and which bears a fairly important similarity in terms of design and features to the 2018 iPhone we will be able to see, probably in September. However, nobody should expect to have an iPhone for a little over 100 dollars because that would be a dream that Apple will never make come true. There is talk that its price could be between 600 and 700 dollars.

In addition, some rumors suggest that behind the iPhone could come a MacBook Air or a HomePod with prices more than interesting for any pocket.

End of dependence on third parties

Aple continues to grow and take steps towards the future, and perhaps 2018 could be the year in which the dependence on third parties is ended . Until now, any of the devices that have launched Cupertino’s were participated in by third parties, which in most cases provided some of the components of the device.

Several reports have revealed that Apple is already developing its own microLED displays, closing the gap to Samsung which had been in charge of this type of component until now. MacBook processors are other components that Apple could soon manufacture itself, thus ending the agreement it has had with Intel for a long time.

Major initiatives focused on education

This 2018 has marked a before and after for Apple, and it was the first event focused solely on education , presenting a new iPad and a large number of new features and programs focused on all students and teachers.

This area is currently dominated by Google and Microsoft, but the company that Tim Cook directs does not want to lose the huge business that exists and has begun to take important steps.

Better software for all or almost all devices

Apple insiste: deja Android y cómprate un iPhone

La protección de los datos privados , no será una seña de identidad de 2018, pero sí que seguirá siendo importante y ayudando al crecimiento de Apple. Desde hace mucho tiempo en Cupertino se han preocupado al extremo de la seguridad de nuestros datos y privados, y lo van a seguir haciendo, más si cabe después de los últimos problemas surgidos a este respecto.

Por el momento las noticias apuntan a que Apple tiene pensando incorporar nuevos y más estrictos controles de privacidad en todas sus plataformas y a nivel mundial. Ya con al llegada de iOS 11.3 las novedades han sido más que interesantes, y no serán las últimas.

Un iPhone para los mercados clave

Todos los rumores apuntan a que en este 2018 veremos el lanzamiento al mercado de 3 iPhone, bien diferenciado y enfocado a mercados clave. Uno de ellos estará enfocado a los mercados con menos poder adquisitivo, otro a un mercado donde el precio del terminal poco importante y por último veremos un iPhone X Plus, con una pantalla de 6.5 pulgadas y que parece que irá destinado al mercado chino, un mercado clave y de mucha importancia para Apple.

En China, Samsung y los fabricantes locales son los grandes protagonistas del mercado de la telefonía móvil, aunque con cada vez un papel más relevante para Apple que buscará adentrarse todavía un poco más gracias a este nuevo iPhone que podría marcar un antes y un después en la historia de la compañía que dirige Tim Cook.

La inteligencia artificial seguirá dando pasos hacia el futuro

Siri fue el primer asistente inteligente que fue incluido en un dispositivo móvil, lo que supuso un antes y un después, además de un gran triunfo para Apple. Ahora los de Cupertino quieren ir un paso más allá con la inteligencia artificial y no solo seguir mejorando Siri sino adentrarse en otros aspectos de este mercado en pleno desarrollo.

Muchos apuntan a que el equipo de desarrollo crecerá en gran medida en este 2018 y que además explorarán nuevas vías para dotar a los dispositivos que se vayan estrenando en el mercado de una mayor dosis de inteligencia artificial .

Los AirPods 2

The launch of iOS 11 to the market has not been the best of all those made by Apple in recent times , and is that since the first version saw the light on the market, has been plagued by bugs and problems of all kinds, plus some features that were greatly delayed in time. Perhaps because of all this, many rumors point out that iOS 12 will be one of the best softwares we have ever seen, which will also improve the user experience, enhancing stability and performance. We could also see the expected arrival of universal applications.

To all this we have to add the Marzipan Project which will be the biggest change in the software since the first version of iOS was released.

Data privacy will remain an important pillar

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Unlike what many of us thought, AirPods have been one of Apple’s best-selling devices since they came on the market. For this 2018 is expected the arrival of the second version of the wireless headphones that could come loaded with improvements and be baptized as AirPods 2.

Many point out that they are a simple accessory for listening to music or being able to answer calls without using your hands, but over time they have become essential for many users , and that despite their price they sell at a high rate, which for the moment seems to have no end.

The growth of the services division

There are many who suggest that the iPhone could be Apple’s main source of income, as competition in the mobile phone market is increasing. Maybe because of all this , Tim Cook’s guys continue to give importance and shine to its services division , which continues with its unstoppable growth, and positioning itself as one of the great businesses of the company.

In 2018 we will continue to see Apple Music, iCloud or Apple Pay gaining ground , increasing their number of users and therefore generating a greater number of revenues. The iPhone is vital for Apple, the iPad is very important, but the many services offered to users are playing an increasingly important role that everything points to continue to grow in this 2018.

Do you think that Apple could sweep this 2018 as we think?


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