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9 great iPad Apps for Kids

Today we bring you the best selection of games and applications for those who have children at home . Put the iPad in front of them and they will have fun learning and having fun.

Piccadilly’s Circus shows us a circus in which its director has gone mad, and the animals, artists and clowns have changed their performances for those of other components.

9 great iPad Apps for Kids
9 great iPad Apps for Kids

The polar adventure of Scott tells us an original story about a boy, his cat and his adventures in the arctic circle. It is designed for children between 3 and 7 years old.

Got it – United States of America teaches us the geography of the United States in an easy and enjoyable way. It is intended primarily for American school children.

Toca Band is a Swedish game, from a company specialized in making applications with rhythm, color and melody for the little ones in the house.

Candycloud tells the story of Hugo, a boy who finds a magical treat next to his teddy bear. The children will fully identify with his adventure.

Wow! Doodle HD is designed for boys and girls in preschool age. It’s about learning to paint, letting go of their imagination and starting to recognize the first shapes.

Super Mosaic is a Tangram-style puzzle that teaches children to retain colours and shapes and to develop their spatial reasoning skills.

Tell Me The Time, Interactive Game will help children to know how to read the time on an analog clock, like those big ones that all the classes in schools have on some wall.

Calliope, Queen of the Zebras tells the story of a friendly zebra who loves to swim and dress up. Best of all, she speaks English, French and Spanish, so the little ones learn languages along the way.

So much for our selection of children’s games for the iPad. Would you add any more?

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