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8 Images to Reflect on Technology

We live more and more wrapped up or trapped in technology that makes life easier for us normally but sometimes changes and complicates it. We all have a smartphone and most of us have a tablet or a computer, sometimes it is convenient to stop and reflect on the use we make of these tools. Do they facilitate communication or isolate us?

Jean Jullien an artist on Instagram

Jean Jullien is a French artist, illustrator and graphic designer who gives from his Instagram account a series of reflections on the world in general but that we from iPadizate want to focus on the version that affects us, the technology. Through his small great works of art sometimes in the style of the great Banksy makes us think about all these paradoxes and cognitive dissonances to which we are submitted every day.

8 Images to Reflect on Technology
8 Images to Reflect on Technology

Personally, the illustrations invite us to think about the trends that we follow just by chance, the digital interaction that replaces the old ways of knowing each other more personally and closer but also more distantly since we had less contact, a barrier that has been demolished by mobile phones and applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook.

A curious paradox of technology, it brings us closer together while pushing us apart. It allows us to meet and talk more easily but when it comes to meeting and talking this technology really pushes us away. Who hasn’t seen a table of people in a bar all looking at their mobile phones?

Jullien portrays in an easy and simple way all these contradictions, shaping in a brilliant way a changing social reality , increasingly digital and complex, which we leave you with below.

Is it really necessary? Isn’t it better to tell than to see?

What do we want to capture?

All so close together and yet so far apart

Better to be taken care of or do it yourself?

If everyone is recording it, you can download it from YouTube and enjoy the concert

A necessary reflection

No doubt this is a good time to think about things like what Albert Einstein said: “I fear the day when technology will surpass our humanity. The world will only have one generation of idiots” Are we going too far? Do we need more? Because everything in this life has a balance that is difficult to maintain, because of course we cannot live without technology, but neither can we live by abusing it.

In the following video you can see the French artist Jean Jullien talking about his works in French and doing some composition.

What did you think of the illustrations? Do you think we should moderate the use of technology? Do you think we should integrate it more? We are waiting for your opinion in the comments.

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