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8 Ideal Apps to Start This New Year 2015

The new year begins! And with it, the Christmas holidays are over, many people intend to start the year off on the right foot by that of… “New year, new life” . For those of you who want to lose all those extra pounds from family Christmas dinners or for those of you who simply want to stay in shape… We bring you the best fitness apps for iPhone!

New year… New app!

Take a look at these health-related applications and try them out, more than one will surprise you. If this list doesn’t go far enough, you can visit our publication of the best apps for dieting.

8 Ideal Apps to Start This New Year 2015
8 Ideal Apps to Start This New Year 2015

Or, perhaps, if you’d like to discover more apps related to this genre, here’s a list of the applications compatible with HealthKit.

8 fantastic applications to get a good start in 2015

Noom Coach

Noom Coach offers customized plans to keep track of food and follow healthy diets. It has weight charts, reminders, notifications and a great community that will help us achieve all our goals.


This iPhone calorie counter provides a huge food database with over 4,000,000 dishes. It is compatible with HealthKit, so it will allow us to carry all our information and compare it with other applications.

Runtastic PRO

If you are a sportsman or you usually go for a run every morning to keep your body in shape, you cannot miss the Runtastic PRO application on your iPhone. With it you will be able to create personalized routes, cheer up with a personal voice trainer, set goals and objectives, count the calories lost, etc.

Calorie Counter

Livestrong’s calorie meter is one of the best on the App Store. It is a very complete support tool that will allow us to keep a personalized daily caloric intake, follow our data and weight log and much more.

Sleep Cycle

This iPhone application monitors our movements while we sleep using the accelerometer on the iOS device. It also has a built-in alarm that will wake us up only when we are in the lightest phase of sleep, to wake us up much more relaxed and rested.


To start the year off right, we’ll need to get organized, and for that, there’s nothing better than Evernote. One of the most comprehensive annotation and to-do list applications on the App Store.

Launch Center Pro

With Launch Center Pro you can perform all kinds of actions and open applications from one place. Fantastic for saving us a little extra time, which will be great for doing our daily tasks. Among the different shortcuts offered we’ll find calls, messages, photo capture, Wikipedia search, web browsing…

iTunes U

And if you’re a student and want to start the year off right, we recommend iTunes U, an application for university students that will offer you lessons taught by the best teachers from the world’s most prestigious centres and schools.

What do you think of these sport, health and exercise apps? Do you think there are any important ones missing? Which one do you use?

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